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Politics Course: Hot Topics for 2016 Federal Election

Politics. Protecting and advancing ideas or goals in our communities.

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Australian politics fills our media every day, but the sheer volume of information and rapid changes can cause most people to disengage. However, the rapidly changing political landscape affects our lives at work, the cohesiveness of society and the environment. This politics course engages with the leading political, economic and social issues of the day and helps to develop your understanding of current and emerging political issues in Australia; ‘Hot Topics for the 2016 Federal Election’ also lets you meet politicians and opinion leaders to debate these issues within the class and later within your community.


By the end of this politics course students should be able to take part in discussions on:

  • The struggle for supremacy in the federal seat of New England, where Tony Windsor and Barnaby Joyce are locked in a fierce battle.
  • The Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite issue which has the potential to split Australia into two camps. Some MPs may vote against Same-Sex Marriage regardless of the outcome of the plebiscite.
  • Will the Indigenous Referendum be a defining moment in the history of Australia, to recognise the original inhabitants of this land in the Constitution, or will this opportunity be missed? Will the calls for a Treaty from the Aboriginal community be heeded?
  • Federal and State governments have thrown open the doors of vocational education for private trainers to compete with public TAFE. What are the consequences for the trades and university entrants? What are the consequences for teaching and teachers as oppose to training and trainers?
  • Refugee children, detention on Manus Island and Nauru continue to fuel debate. How is the Australian community faring within the global context of forced migration?
  • Is Medicare in trouble, or should consumers contribute more for universal health care? Diagnostic services are now in the spotlight as the Government proposes to eliminate bulk billing for many of these services.
  • What is a measured response to Climate Change. The three main parties have three different solutions to this problem.
  • Have the dissenting voices been silenced in the Senate? What are the consequences of Senate reform for democracy?
  • Is Gonski going, going, gone? How will the alternative governments fund the future of Australia – its children?
  • What is going to be funding outcome for the Tertiary Sector return to full fee deregulation?


This politics course, with the assistance of great Guest Speakers, will study, discuss and debate numerous political issues* such as:

  • The Battle for New England.
  • The Same-Sex Marriage Plebiscite.
  • The Indigenous Referendum and a Treaty.
  • The Transformation of TAFE.
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers.
  • Changes to Medicare.
  • Government Responses to Climate Change.
  • Consequences of Senate Reform.
  • Changing Industrial Landscape.
  • Further Education Issues- Tertiary Sector Funding and the Further Funding of Gonski.".

Intended Audience

This politics course is suitable for personal interest adult learners, university students and active retirees who have an interest in the upcoming NSW State Election.

Delivery Style

This politics course will be delivered as a face-to-face, interactive lecture featuring a number of guests speakers*. Questions and open discussions will be encouraged.

*The list of topic and guest speakers may be subject to change.

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