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Bereshit Course 1: From Adam to Abraham - The First 20 Generations

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In partnership with the Department of Hebrew, Biblical & Jewish Studies
Course materials developed by The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning - a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For specific enquiries regarding the program, please contact Jillian Fine on 0410 497 870 or email.

The stories take us from the universal tales of the creation of the world, the flood and the Tower of Babel to the foundational tales of Abraham and Sarah and the beginnings of the Jewish people. The themes of family and faith, honour and dishonour, passion and power provide a rich exploration of our people and ourselves.
This text based course incorporates:

  • Modern and classical commentaries that represent a range of orientations
  • Interpretations of the texts by rabbis, scholars, artists, and poets
  • Opportunities to learn key Hebrew vocabulary in the context of the story
  • Discussions on the real-life implications of the stories for us in our time

Course Content

  • Creating the Woman
  • The First Murder
  • The Rainbow
  • The Curse of Canaan
  • The Power of Babel
  • Leaving the Promised Land
  • And Sarah Laughed
  • The Expulsion of Ishmael
  • Akadek Yitzhak
  • The Cave of Makpaleh


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