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Robin Nichols

Robin Nichols


Born in the UK, Robin has always had a great love for recording the world around him with a camera. After finishing high school, he studied fine art in Leamington Spa for a year before moving to Nottingham Trent University where he attained a degree in Creative Photography. He then moved to London where he worked as a cameraman in the advertising industry for several years, before emigrating to Australia in 1985.

Since arriving in Sydney, Robin has worked in a range of different photographic areas, initially as large format black-and-white printer, and then as a cameraman in the audio-visual business, before becoming a freelance photographer specialising in wedding photography.

In the nineties, Robin began working as a freelance photojournalist for several publications in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. This led to a full-time position as editor of Commercial Photography Magazine and later, Australian Photography magazine, a position he held for five years.

In 1997, Robin founded the first digital photography publication in the world, Digital Photography and Design magazine. This was critically acclaimed and enjoyed a rising circulation for many years. During this period, he also wrote and published several technical books for Focal Press and Octopus Press, lectured at seminars in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as in Seattle and Chicago, and ran highly successful photographic workshops in Dubai for seven years. As a publisher, Robin was lucky enough to interview some of the biggest names in photography – Elliott Erwitt, David Doubilet, Joe McNally, Gregory Heisler, David Hobby, and even Don Burrows on one occasion.

After eight years as an editor Robin started his own publishing business, launching Australia’s best-selling specialist photo publication: Better Digital magazine. With this he aggressively pursued the goal of producing clear, well-illustrated information written in jargon-free English. He continued to develop this style two years later launching another specialist magazine, Better Photoshop Techniques and a one-off publication called Digital Photo Art, a project-based magazine that crossed the line between pure photography and image-based scrapbooking. Both magazines ran for more than ten years, but as distribution and paper costs spiralled, and access to free information on the Internet exploded, he moved into teaching, working for two US-based online learning specialists, and locally at several adult education centres as well as the Centre for Continuing Education in Sydney.

Currently Robin contributes to specialist sites such as www.photzy.com, writes training courses for clients such as Open Colleges and runs specialist small group photographic tours to photo-centric locations such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Oman, Ethiopia, Japan, Iceland, Bali, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Cuba. When not travelling he run photo workshops, teaches digital photography, photo bookmaking, video and post-production classes online, as well as in face-to-face classes locally.

Robin’s work can be viewed online at Robin Nichol’s Workshops and Robin Nichol’s Gallery.

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