Centre for Continuing Education

Ray Murray


Ray Murray is an educational psychologist who works as a Disability Consultant and Facilitator. For the last five years he worked in Ireland teaching Person Centredness to disability organisations assisting them to transform their services. He also provided professional supervision to Early Intervention Specialists/Educators. Ray has delivered the Facilitation Skills course at Trinity College, Dublin and in Cork, Galway and London. In his approach to facilitation he has been influenced by John Herron (The Facilitator’s Handbook, 1989) and Dale Hunter (The Art of Facilitation, 2007) and her colleagues from Zenergy, New Zealand. In the leadership he gave at the Centre for Special Education at Auckland College of Education he promoted Facilitative Teaching (Espiner, Murray & O’Brien, 1997) and Action Methods for the delivery of the degree Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) and other courses. Ray is currently involved in the delivery of Parent Support Programmes and the training of Person Centred Champions at the Centre for Disability Studies.