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Pablo Leighton


Pablo has taught Latin American history and culture at numerous universities in Australia, the United States and Latin America. He has helped portray the culture of Latin America through the authorship of various film works and has published book chapters and journal articles, as well as editing the book 40 Years are Nothing: History and Memory of the 1973 coups d'état in Uruguay and Chile (2015).

Pablo holds a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, a doctorate in Latin American Studies from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Massachusetts College of Art (USA).

Since his move from Chile to Sydney in 2008, Pablo’s focus has been on bringing the culture of Latin America to Australians and finding connections between the two. In 2013, he co-founded and edited the Latin American Research Platform, www.latitudes.info, an independent site and association of researchers, examining the politics, culture and history of Latin America. Latitudes has connected researchers from around the world and has hosted many academic and community events open to all interested in global history.

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