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Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson


Dr Robert Anderson received his PhD and honours degree in philosophy from The University of New England. He has over 15 years' experience teaching philosophy and critical thinking at the University of Notre Dame. He has also worked as a Research Assistant in the philosophy department of Macquarie University and has recently taught in the UK.

Robert has designed and taught undergraduate units in Critical Thinking, Formal Logic, the Philosophy of Language, Free Will and Religion. His major teaching and research areas are in critical thinking & informal logic; free will and the divine foreknowledge dilemma; and applied epistemology. Robert’s PhD thesis was a critique of Molinism which is a way to resolve the paradoxes between divine providence & foreknowledge with human libertarian free will. His honours thesis was on Reformed Epistemology.

Robert has received awards for excellence in teaching and often uses movie themes as philosophical thought-experiments to enhance understanding. He has taught popular short courses previously on the movie Inception and on other topics related to fate, free will and determinism using the film Minority Report.

Robert often receives letters from former students saying that his teaching has changed their lives and helped in their employment. He loves helping students grapple with complexity. His pedagogical approach in all of his courses is to help the student reason and argue better since he believes that philosophy is something we ‘do’ more so than just try to learn.

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