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Amanda Gordon


Amanda Gordon (B.A. Hons Psyc) FAPS

Amanda has been the Director and Senior Clinical Psychologist of Armchair Psychology Practice since 1989. The Practice comprises herself and three other skilled Psychologists, all of whom are also members of the Australian Psychological Society. To ensure their continual development and best client support, all Armchair Psychology Practice practitioners have quality supervision.

Amanda provides specialist counseling to women and men in all stages of life, dealing with individual and relational responses to a wide variety of life events, including establishing and dealing with relationships, balancing home and work, empty nest, career choices, depression, anxiety and physical health. She also sees children and adolescents, often with their families.

Also, at Amanda’s discretion, Armchair Psychology Practice holds focused group sessions.

Amanda has been involved in teaching “Professional Ethics and Private Practice” to the Clinical Masters and Doctoral students at the Psychology Department, University of Sydney. She also provides courses to support the NSW Ambulance Service, and is currently working to create cultural change in Australia’s Immigration Detention Centres, through the training of all staff in the new policies for mental health and psychological support of those in distress and those who are victims of torture and trauma.

Amanda is a peer reviewer for the N.S.W. Health Care Complaints Commission.

Amanda is the immediate past President of the Australian Psychological Society, the peak professional body representing over 16000 psychologists nationally. For several years prior to her election as President in Oct 2004 she was Director of Communications and Vice President of the Society.

She is a long-standing member of the College of Clinical Psychologists, and prior to her election to the Board of the Society in 2001, was a member of the National Committee of that College of the Society. Members of the College are involved in Continuing Professional Development, and thus Amanda’s work uses best practice techniques at all times. Amanda is also an accredited pregnancy counselor and a member of the College of Health Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society.

Amanda’s Presidential Initiatives for the APS included the founding of National Psychology Week, the Bendi Lango Foundation for the Provision of Bursaries for Postgraduate Indigenous Psychology Students, and the APS Strategic Leaders Programme.

Amanda is one of Australia’s best known Psychologists, with over twenty years of experience in the media. She was a weekly contributor to the ABC’s Late Night Psychologist national program from 1989 to 2001 During those 12 years Amanda was called to address the full range of psychological issues. She coped with challenges from callers and responded compassionately and productively to the problems raised. She was the weekly Psychologist on Network Ten’s Monday to Friday for the life of that programme, and has made regular appearances on Today Tonight, Midday, GMA and other television programmes. Increasingly, whenever there is an issue of emotional or psychological interest to be discussed the media are quick to call on her for comment.

Amanda is a well-known speaker, and is often asked to contribute to conferences as a Keynote or Panelist.