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Rebecca Bowman

Rebecca Bowman


Rebecca Bowman completed her Bachelor of Teaching (Humanities) / Bachelor of Arts (History) through Australian Catholic University and her Masters of Special Education (with Honours) through University of Wollongong. Upon completion of her undergraduate degrees, Rebecca taught at Westfields Sports High School as a HSIE teacher, Rowing Coach and Year Advisor.

Rebecca is currently Assistant Principal at Rivendell School and has worked at the school for the last 9 years. Rivendell is a joint Department of Education /Department of Health facility that focuses on the psychological health of young people and their families. Rivendell School provides the educational programs for these young people. She has worked in all programs at the school. An essential part her role involves daily communication with therapeutic and clinical staff. This collaboration has provided Rebecca with strategies on how to support students with a variety of diagnoses such as; Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Behaviour Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Psychosis, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

As Assistant Principal she is responsible for supervising teaching, non-teaching and specialist staff of all ages along with mentoring beginning teachers and experienced staff new to working in the field of Special Education. She is experienced in conducting professional development sessions to teaching and support staff in public and private schools. These sessions aim to promote an understanding of mental health and increase staff capacity to support students who staff feel are challenging to work with.

She has also worked closely with Welfare teams in schools to facilitate the smooth reintegration of students back into a main stream setting. This includes the development and refinement of plans to support students and provide strategies for staff. It also includes the ongoing support to ensure that students are successful in their post Rivendell Placement. Rebecca is also a committee member of the newly formed SpeEd Network. This group is aimed at working with teachers and SLSOs to increase awareness of Special Education.