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Barbara Twomey

Barbara Twomey


Barbara Twomey is an experienced teacher of Latin who has taught HSC Continuers and Extension Latin for secondary students for many years. Her tertiary teaching experience includes elective courses in Latin Language and the Law through the Law Extension Committee and annual classes at the Latin Summer School, both courses being held at the University of Sydney. Barbara is also a presenter for U3A Latin and Introductory Greek classes.

Barbara’s interest in languages began early with her studies of English, French and Latin at school, followed by undergraduate studies in English, French and Latin at university. Her particular interest in the History of Language, particularly the English Language, led her through courses offered at the University of Queensland in Old English (Anglo-Saxon), Old Icelandic, Middle English, Medieval French, Classical Latin and History of both the French and English languages. Further studies at Macquarie University and the University of Sydney included other ancient languages. Barbara’s continuing fascination with Comparative and Historical Philology is the basis for her appreciation of the great works of ancient literature, amongst which Latin literature is profoundly important.

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