Centre for Continuing Education

Xiaojing Ji


Xiaojing Ji was selected by the Confucius Institute Headquarters of China to assist Chinese language teaching at the University of Sydney Confucius Institute. She is an experienced Chinese language instructor at Fudan University, China with extensive Chinese language teaching experience. She has taught at Nottingham University Confucius Institute in the U.K. and State University of New York at Albany in America. Ms Ji is experienced of teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking background students of all levels and ages, upholding a student-centered pedagogy while adopting a flexible teaching approach with respect to students' varied learning needs and styles. She is also adept at combining Chinese language teaching with Chinese culture to enhance the classroom experience. As an intercultural communicator, she takes delight in sharing her own understanding of Chinese language and culture with people from various backgrounds, as well as learning from their cultures.

Xiaojing holds a B.A in Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai International Studies University and a Master in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Fudan University.