Centre for Continuing Education

Margaret McDonough-Glenn


Margaret McDonough-Glenn has a B.A. (Hons) from University of Adelaide and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from Hawkesbury Community College. She has taught at university, community college and TAFE. In the pursuit of her doctoral dissertation she researched in many famous institutions such as Bodleian Library, Oxford, Cambridge, London, London School of Economics, Institute of Historical Research, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Harvard, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Columbia, Waterloo, Chicago, UCLA and Australian universities.She also gave numerous international research papers for example at Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, International Congress of Historical Sciences at Oslo, Norway and American Historical Association at Utah. She has interviewed the Professors of Australian historiography. Currently she teaches at WEA Sydney, Sydney Mechanics School of Arts and Sydney University.

Over the last few years Margaret has been successfully facilitating courses on key social topics of interest some of which include: ‘Issues for Australians ’, ‘Women of Distinction’, ‘Populate and or Perish?’, 'What is Australia’s Constitutional Destiny? and' ‘Leaders of Distinction’. She wishes that all students have access to the latest topics, ideas and resources regardless of their background or location.