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Susanne Richter

Susanne Richter


Susanne Richter is a highly motivated and passionate Linguist, who received a 5 year full time postgraduate Magister Artium University degree (equal to the doctorate) in “German as Foreign Language” and “Hispanic studies” in 2007 from the well-known Herder Institute for German Linguistics and the Institute of Romance studies of University Leipzig, Germany.

During a 2 year full time Erasmus exchange University program, Susanne gained extensive intercultural competence at the University Valencia in Spain, where she also won valuable research experience conducting study projects in the field German phonetics for Spanish learners or interviewing spanish students regarding the matter of overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

Susanne has not only been teaching since 2008 for the Centre of Continuing Education, The University of Sydney, but also for Corporates like GOOGLE, High Schools and different private Language schools across Sydney. She is an accredited Teacher at “The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA)”.

Susanne has the ability to effectively communicate cross culturally and her focus lies on experiential learning, which is an active learning approach. She is constantly determined to create a learning environment of trust and positive vibes for everyone, and to be creative, innovative and diverse in the exercises she is creating, whilst explaining very well complex concepts of grammar. She is convinced that she is learning a lot from her students while being on the journey to become a better Teacher with every day.

Another fun fact to know about her: She is also a dancer and loves the art, beauty and creativity of dance where she also draws inspiration from for her language classes.