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Power BI and Excel Course

Data Analysis and Analytics. Uncover insights and transform your organisation.

This comprehensive course is designed for users who have reached the advanced level of Excel and want to start their journey in the data analysis field. It will complete your skills and prepare you to more effectively embrace new trends in the data analysis world.


This course aims to develop your ability to deal with different external data sources. It will provide instruction on how to perform data cleaning and how to create professional reports.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • differentiate between different kinds of data sources
  • clean the datasets and prepare them for professional presentation purposes
  • examine the various calculations and functions to create formulas and measures
  • develop clear KPIs
  • create professional Power Pivot reports using a Data model
  • create stunning and dynamic dashboards in Power BI.


Part 1

Excel Data Analysis

  • Getting Data – Excel
  • Data Modelling
  • Get & Transform
  • Using Power Query in Excel
  • Creating a New Query from a File
  • Creating a New Query from the Web
  • Understanding the Query Editor
  • Displaying the Query Editor
  • Managing Data Columns
  • Reducing Data Rows
  • Adding a Data Column
  • Transforming Data
  • Editing Query Steps
  • Merging Queries
  • Merged Queries

Power Pivot

  • Power Pivot and the Data Model
  • Enabling Power Pivot
  • Creating a Data Model Pivot Table
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Creating a Calculated Column
  • Formatting Data Model Fields


  • Building Smart Dashboards
  • Slicers and Spark Lines

Part 2

Power BI

  • Get data into Power BI
  • Building Data Model
  • Query Editor UI
  • Transform Data
  • Append and Merge Queries
  • Relationships and Cross Filtering
  • Measures and Calculated Columns
  • Filter Context
  • DAX
  • Time Intelligence
  • Quick Measures


Q & A

Intended audience

This course is suitable for:

  • Data Analysts
  • DB Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • anyone working in a finance role
  • Marketers.


A basic knowledge of database structures and relationships, as well as very good command in Excel.

Delivery style

This one-day workshop is delivered as presenter-taught computer-based training in a computer lab. It will involve blended learning whereby key concepts will be explained by the tutor and you will have the opportunity to practice exercises on your individual work stations.


A soft-copy workbook and lab files will be provided.

Please bring a USB flash drive to class if you would like to make a copy of your work or any relevant class materials. Alternatively, you can save these to a cloud storage space or email them to your personal email address.


  • $50 repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every student
  • Small class size
  • Statement of completion