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Operating a Consulting Business Course

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In this Operating a Consultancy Business training course in Sydney, you’ll develop a real understanding of what you need to do to successfully run a consultancy business in a very competitive marketplace. This highly informative, interactive and flexible course will answer questions such as, how to position your consultancy business whilst covering off the essentials required to maintain a sustainable and profitable consulting enterprise.

You’ll learn the 20 fundamental actions that you must adopt, and determine what you need to master in strategic positioning, professional services marketing, consultative selling, delivery optimisation, operations improvement, and, talent development. To be successful you must also implement a set of operating guidelines that include a relevant operational action plan, which you will develop during the course.

Topic content will be flexed according to the backgrounds and needs of all participants. ‘Tips & tricks’ (of the trade) will be sprinkled throughout. Ideally, you should have been operating for about two years as a sole practitioner or as boutique consultant. However, if you have recently launched your business or are about to launch, then this course will stop you from going ‘off-track’ … a common problem with start-ups.


Participants who are already operating their own consulting business or whom are about to launch, must be assured that they are ‘on-track’ for a sustainable and profitable enterprise. This course supports that aim, drawing from the real-life experiences of over 100 sole practitioners, boutique consultants and brand-name firms.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify what they need to do to implement the fundamental and mastery actions required to successfully operate a consulting business in a crowded marketplace
  • Produce a ready-to-implement operational action plan.


Foundations review

In this module we review the very foundations of a consultancy business to make sure that they are soundly in place:

  • Competence
  • Business prospects
  • Consultancy organisation
  • 20 Fundamentals
  • Marketing plan.


In this module we define your consultancy business including; where it sits on a pure product to pure services spectrum, what type/s of services provider apply, how the success levers should be set for each provider type, which business growth tactics should be deployed and how the systems and processes should be aligned:


  • Five key models
  • Services continuum
  • Services provider type
  • Positioning
  • Metrics – Business Basics.


  • Value proposition
  • Business drivers
  • Differentiators
  • Critical metrics
  • Growth (internal, external)
  • Breakthrough services


  • Success levers: Value proposition, Business drivers, Differentiators, Critical metrics, Growth (internal, external)
  • Growth enablers & tactics for growth
  • Resources: Relevance.


  • Selling keys
  • Success levers: Selling approach
  • Growth enablers & tactics for growth
  • Resources: Managing client relationships.


  • Engagement management rules
  • Success levers: Engagement model, Services execution
  • Growth enablers & tactics for growth
  • Resources: Metrics – Project profitability, Project quality, Project success, Implementation roadmaps, Advanced consulting skills.


  • Success levers: Leverage model, Knowledge management, Service quality
  • Growth enablers & tactics for growth
  • Resources: Knowledge management, Metrics – Utilisation.


  • Success levers: Staff characteristics, Core practices
  • Growth enablers & tactics for growth
  • Resources: The “trusted advisor”, Senior ‘employee’ considerations.

Core Business Functions and Processes

  • Review of two groups of four functions and 17 processes.

Operational Planning

In this module we finish with the go-forward operational plan and supporting action plan:

  • Business rules
  • Where’s the next piece of work?
  • Operational plan
  • Action plan.

Intended Audience

Consultants (sole practitioners, boutique consultants, brand-name firms) who:

  • Have been operating for up to two (2) years, or;
  • Are about to launch a consulting business.

Delivery Style

This consulting business course is delivered as a presentation, with facilitated discussion, activities and exercises. Participants will develop their own action plan throughout the course. The final activity is the development of an operational plan.

Before the course

No prior course work.


No assessments required, though participants are expected to implement the go-forward operational plan and supporting action plan.

Course Reading

A booklist to support on-going business activities will be provided.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Certificate of completion
Operating a Consulting Business Course
University of Sydney (Venue TBA)
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