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Latin Course: Letters of Pliny the Younger

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This Latin course studies selected letters of Pliny the Younger, which provide a fascinating insight into various aspects of Roman life and times during the imperial period, and include Pliny’s first-hand account of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.


Develop knowledge and appreciation through the intensive study of Pliny’s letters in their social, historical and archaeological context.

To read at the required level with fluency and enjoyment. To also have deepened their knowledge of Roman life and times during the imperial period.

Suitable for

Intended for intermediate and advanced-level readers wishing to develop their knowledge and appreciation through the intensive study of original material. Enrolling students should have studied the Oxford Latin Course books 1-3 , or have undertaken equivalent studies.


The course will be delivered as interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged. The class will work through the prescribed text in class, reviewing the grammar and syntax, and discussing the letters in their context.

A list of Pliny’s letters to study will be provided before each meeting. Students should prepare the upcoming material before each meeting. This is an essential part of consolidating knowledge and understanding.

Prescribed Text

Fisher, M.B. and Griffin, M.R. (2009). Pliny’s Letters. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 9780521202985

Recommended Reading

The following texts may also assist students who undertake this course:

Kennedy, B.H. (1965). Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer. Pearson.
ISBN 9780582362406; or:

Morwood, J. (2006) A Latin Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
ISBN 9780198601999

Radice, B. (1976). The Letters of the Younger Pliny. Penguin Classics.
ISBN 9780140441277

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  • Expert trainer
  • Small class size (~20 max)
  • Central location

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