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Hieroglyphs Course 102

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Now that you can gaze at a hieroglyphic scene and understand reading orientation and whether the images represent a picture, sound, word or phrase, you’d like to know more about the intriguing world of hieroglyphs.

This Hieroglyphs course continues with the basics of Middle Egyptian – the classical written script of Ancient Egypt. This fascinating and practical linguistic journey leads you deeper into this beautiful and complex language. All exercises are based on authentic tomb, temple and biographical extracts.


At the completion of this hieroglyphic course participants will:

  1. Continue to refine basic concepts related to Middle Egyptian vocabulary and grammar (morphology and syntax) whilst refining their own understanding of English grammar.
  2. Comprehend use of demonstratives, pronoun types and verbal sentence structure.
  3. Become familiar with Egyptian nonverbal sentences: adverbial, adjectival, nominal.
  4. Demonstrate practical competency throughout the course by transliterating and translating authentic basic hieroglyphic sentences and scenes.


Revision and consolidation of Hieroglyphs 101

Revision of Middle Egyptian nouns (gender, singular, plural, dual), adjectives (including the nisbe), genitive, prepositions.

I, you, he, we, that, this

Introduction to demonstratives and pronoun types. Learning word order associated with their use in sentences.

Introducing verbs and verbal sentence structure

Revision of basic English grammar. Differentiating between finite and non-finite verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, subject, agent and object, Introduction to the features of finite verbs: tense, aspect, mood, voice. Noting the difference between simple and complex sentences. Learning word order associated with nouns and pronouns used as subject and object in sentences.

Reinforcing the basics

Practising lessons 1-3 by translating authentic extracts.

Non-verbal sentences (Non-verbal predicates)

Sentences without written verbs: adverbial, emphasising spatial relationships; adjectival, emphasising quality; nominal, emphasising identity.

Reinforcing the basics

Consolidation of lessons 1-7 by translating authentic extracts.

Intended Audience

This Hieroglyphs 102 course is suitable for personal interest, adult learners who have already completed Hieroglyphs 101, a prerequisite before enrolling into this course.


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