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French Course 304 (Level 12)

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Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


The aim of this course is to consolidate and improve upon the knowledge gained in previous courses in relation to the development of speaking, oral comprehension, and reading and writing skills. This course focuses on emotional expression of fear, hope and concern, how to make suggestions and how to express regret. More complex grammatical structures and vocabulary will be introduced in order to expand language skills.


This course covers the following topics:

  • La vie au travail et en enterprise
  • La consommation
  • la mode et la folie des soldes
  • Les fêtes et surconsommation
  • Le commerce équitable
  • Les Français et l’argent
  • Peurs, espoirs et inquiétudes
  • Suggestions
  • Prédictions
  • Regrets et reproches
  • Hypothéses
  • Le participe présent et le gérondif (en partant/ en rentrant…)
  • La cause et la conséquence (à cause de, du fait que, si bien que, etc.)
  • La condition (si, à supposer que, à moins de/que…)
  • La concordance des temps (imperative clauses, independent clauses, dependent clauses and the indicative mood…).

Intended Audience

Suitable for A2 level students, those who have completed all levels of French up to 303 or who have completed 270 hours of recent face-to-face tuition.

Delivery Style

This course is delivered as a series of interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged. Each session is conducted in a friendly and relaxed classroom setting.

Prescribed Text

To follow.

Please Note

Selected Language and Culture courses that teach spoken language may include use of language immersion (course instruction in the selected language) as part of the training strategy.


Language courses are offered in four terms each year during January, April, July and October.

What others say.

  • The resources that our teacher has created is excellent. I know from the other students in my class that they find it very useful too.

French Course 304 (Level 12)

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