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Entrepreneurship Series: Business Validation Course

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Join us for the third course in our entrepreneurship series* and learn to validate your new business idea in a real-world context.

Course participants are encouraged to bring their new business idea to this course and will learn to validate their idea with respect to their industry and trends within the larger Australian economy. Will your new business idea work? Will people buy your product? Learn to test your new business idea and judge whether it will succeed.

*Course participants do not need to enrol in all three courses in the entrepreneurship series and are invited to enrol in standalone courses.


This course aims to give participants hard evidence about whether their business idea is likely to succeed within their chosen marketplace. This is achieved through the creation of practical real-world validation tests that once performed, give strong evidence of the business’s potential success.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • design basic validation tests for new business ideas
  • validate their business idea/s
  • evaluate their business idea and judge if it will be successful in the marketplace
  • identify the difference between a validated business idea and non-validated business idea
  • identify the necessary tools and results needed to validate a business idea.


This course covers:

  1. A demonstration of different methods of business validation, outlining their proper use and appropriate areas of application.
  2. A detailed example of a business validation process designed with a particular business idea in mind.
  3. An opportunity for students to design their own business validation process. This will be discussed in class and reviewed by fellow course participants.
  4. How to judge if a business validation process has delivered the necessary insights to evaluate whether a business will succeed in the marketplace.
  5. Putting the validation process into practice outside the classroom. Over the space of the following two weeks following the course conclusion, students are invited to have regular check-ins with the tutor to give progress updates on the business validation process and to receive on-going support and advice.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for students who have previously completed the first two courses in our entrepreneurship series: Business Ideation and Business Creation, however it can also be taken as a standalone course given a passionate student.

Those who have an entrepreneurial inclination and have one or more business ideas they want to validate or start would benefit from this course.

Delivery Style

This workshop will be taught using an experiential learning method, supported by visual and auditory methods. Each business validation process will be tailored to participants idea/s and level of experience.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion
Entrepreneurship Series: Business Validation Course

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Small Business”}</p><p>Join us for the third course in our entrepreneurship series* and learn to validate your new business idea in a real-world context.</p><p>Course