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Entrepreneurship Series: Business Ideation Course

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Join us for the first course in our entrepreneurship series* and learn about the first step in new business creation; ideation and creativity.

This course explores new business ideation and creativity against the backdrop of accelerating global change and will stimulate your creativity and help you identify business opportunities. You will consider your new business idea with respect to the global trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality and robotics and consider the impact of climate change.

*You do not need to enrol in all three courses in the entrepreneurship series and are invited to enrol in standalone courses.


This course aims to give students a better understanding of where creativity comes from and how it can be used to generate potential new business ideas.


By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • recount an academic perspective of creativity and relate this to new business ideation
  • identify the most important global trends that will impact your chosen industry
  • generate specific conclusions about how these global trends may change your chosen industry
  • identify the potential areas of growth within your industry given the stated global trends
  • generate specific new business ideas which take advantage of the stated global trends.


  • The course begins with an introduction to creativity, quickly covering concepts or creativity from academic literature. We will embark on a series of interactive activities, incrementally building your experience and knowledge of business ideation and creativity.
  • We will consider a macro-level understanding of the most significant global trends that are changing the world around us, including AI, automation, robotics, urbanisation, immigration, and many more.
  • Each student will participate in an activity considering the potential impacts of global trends on their specific industries.
  • The course will circle back to academic concepts of creativity and how these might be practically applied to new business ideation with respect to global trends. You will contribute to an in-depth brainstorming exercise, taking into consideration the best practices gained from the academic literature.
  • The course introduces the concept of business idea validation, where a new business idea is tested for real-world application and success. The idea of new business validation is more fully explored in the course New Business Validation.

Intended Audience

Suitable for those interested in entrepreneurship and corporate workers/executives who wish to understand the potential areas for growth within their industry.

After this course, you may wish to attend the second and/or third course in the entrepreneurship series: Business Creation and Business Validation.

Delivery Style

Delivered by PowerPoint presentation and supported by visual and auditory methods. Coursework includes an in-depth brainstorming activity where students are challenged to consider the potential impacts of global changes on their chosen industry, and the impact these changes may create for potential new businesses.


Prior to attending, you should have work experience and/or a general understanding of how your industry operates on a macro-scale.


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