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Drugs, Crime and Brief Interventions for Young Offenders Course

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In partnership with the Sydney Institute of Criminology
Developed and delivered by the Sydney Institute of Criminology at the Sydney Law School, the University of Sydney.

Drugs and crime interact in a variety of ways, but certainly tend to exacerbate each other. The evidence is clear that reduced drug use is associated with reduced crime. Frontline workers often feel ill-equipped to address the complexity of presentations of young offenders who use drugs, yet access to effective community or residential treatment is often elusive. This course will provide an update on the drug use of young people, available intervention options, and how those who come into contact with young offenders who use drugs may be able to provide helpful evidence-informed and brief interventions.

Course Outcomes

At the completion of this criminology course, you will:

  • Be familiar with key illicit drugs and their basic pharmacological effects
  • Understand the reasons why young people use illicit drugs
  • Be introduced to the stage of change model and motivational interviewing
  • Know how to apply basic brief intervention strategies when working with young people.

Course Suitable For

This criminology course provides an introduction to key concepts, making it most suitable for new community, youth, criminal justice and other workers. Members of the public interested in youth drug use and crime are also welcome to attend.

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