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Driver Rehabilitation Training Course for Driving Instructors

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In partnership with Rehab on Road
Developed and delivered by the Rehab on Road, a coordinator of training for occupational therapists, driving instructors and doctors in the area of driver assessment and rehabilitation.

Driving is a complex task that involves physical, cognitive, visual and psychosocial skills in a rapidly changing environment. Any loss of function in these areas due to illness, disability, accident or the aging process can affect driving safety. Identifying ‘at risk’ drivers and assisting them to compensate for their difficulties where possible presents a challenge for licensing authorities and health care practitioners.

In Australia and many other countries occupational therapists conduct practical assessments to determine fitness for driving and facilitate return to safe, legal and independent driving where possible. Driving instructors who specialise in rehabilitation play an integral role in this process. The University of Sydney has been conducting training for driving instructors in driver rehabilitation since 1990.

Course outcomes

On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate and be recognised as a rehabilitation trained driving instructor. Your contact details will be published in the University of Sydney occupational therapy driving assessor’s course manual annually and provided to therapists enquiring regarding a qualified rehab instructor.

Course content

The Driver Rehabilitation Training for Driving Instructors course provides a combination of theoretical and practical sessions conducted by both occupational therapists and driving instructors with considerable experience in this area. The course includes presentations from vehicle modifiers in topics such as drive-from-wheelchair conversions and use of electromechanical controls for driving. Driving instructors will be given the opportunity to drive with a variety of vehicle modifications. The following topics will be presented:

  • Roles of the driver rehabilitation team members
  • An overview of medical conditions that may impact driving
  • The impact of physical, visual and cognitive impairments on driving
  • Remediation techniques driving instructors can use to assist drivers with visual, cognitive, or physical deficits
  • Licensing policies and procedures for drivers with medical conditions
  • The ageing process and driving
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Vehicle ergonomics and pain management for driving
  • Driving and anxiety
  • Documentation requirements for rehabilitation driving instructors

Course suitable for

Course participants must be qualified driving instructors registered with their local licensing authority or members of the traffic police. You will need to present you driving instructor / police license on the first day of the course. Recognition for prior learning is available for Day 1 (eg. for instructors already working in the area).

Course delivery

Participants will be required to complete both driving and theoretical course components. Full time attendance is required. Participants must pass an open book exam which will need to be submitted within one week of the course finishing. A certificate will not be issued until course requirements are met.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.


For enquiries regarding eligibility, course content or assessment requirements please contact the course coordinator:

Beth Cheal
Driver Trained Occupational Therapist & Driving Instructor
0422 265 330
or Send an email


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What others say.

  • I got more out of this Driver Rehabilitation and Training course than I thought I would. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge.