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NLP Course: Creating Success

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Eleanor Shakiba
Eleanor Shakiba is an expert in ‘people skills’. She has trained over 49,000 people in the skills of breakthrough communication. She has been teaching at the Centre for Continuing Education for over ten years.

Eleanor 's qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology, Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Master Practitioner and Trainer certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, accreditation to administer MBTI and DISC psychometric instruments and LEADR training in mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution.

Are you ready to fire up your success using Neuro Linguistic Programming? Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a set of tools for achieving excellence. This NLP course puts the power of those tools into your hands. Hear how to ‘program yourself to succeed’ by redesigning your patterns of thought and behaviour. See how to create a truly compelling personal vision of success. Experience new ways of feeling resourceful and becoming successful. Learn how to reproduce others' success strategies, use NLP modeling techniques. Motivate yourself at both conscious and unconscious levels.

Find out how techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming can be used to enrich the way you represent reality and think about success. This NLP course is highly interactive – which means you will be applying NLP techniques every week. NLP is toolkit for changing your thinking and behaviour patterns for the better. It has three main parts, which are reflected in the name Neuro Linguistic Programming:

  1. Neuro – this means the way humans use their senses to translate experience into conscious and unconscious thoughts. We’ll use this component of NLP to explore how you think about success.
  2. Linguistic – this refers to how language is used to interpret and communicate your experience. This aspect of NLP is a core component of the person change methods used during the course.
  3. Programming – this is about the ‘coding’ of behaviour. We’ll draw on this part of NLP when we examine models of success during week three.

Also see NLP Course: Building Confidence and NLP Course: Communication Excellence.


NLP is a flexible and powerful change modality. The skills you learn in this NLP course can be used to:

  • Eliminate any unresourceful thinking habits which hold you back from success.
  • Manage your thinking and behaviour so you can control your own destiny.
  • Shift behaviours which prevent you building satisfying relationships.
  • Enrich and improve your personal relationships.
  • Stop living unresourcefully.
  • Grow and develop so you can experience the success you desire.


You’ll come out of this session with practical tools for throwing away old, unhelpful thought patterns of thinking and taking on new, positive ones. You’ll find out why NLP is such a powerful method for creating personal change. Hear what experts in Neuro Linguistic Programming know about creating supportive thinking patterns and changing behaviours in order to support success. Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Set goals using NLP techniques.
  • Ensure your goals are well balanced and compelling.
  • Understand how you think.
  • Make your goals appealing.
  • “Program” yourself to achieve your goals.
  • Track the influence of your emotional states on your results in life.
  • Manage your own state of mind.
  • Shift unresourceful states.
  • Understand how models of success are created.
  • Create an internal timeline to support change.
  • Use your unconscious mind to achieve your long-term goals.

How is this course different to the other NLP courses at CCE?

All the NLP courses at CCE complement each other. Each one focuses on a different application of NLP. Creating Success with NLP focuses on the thought-programming aspects of NLP. It teaches you how to enrich the way you think about success and set up thinking patterns which will support you in personal change. Like all the Neuro Linguistic Programming courses at CCE, this is a highly interactive course, in which you will be applying NLP techniques every week.

How can put your learning about NLP to use?

The practical focus of this NLP course means that you can use what you learn immediately. NLP is used in business contexts to drive success. You can use the techniques you learn in this course to gain clarity about your career goals, to sort out any behaviours which block your success in life and to increase your levels of motivation. NLP techniques can be used in your personal life to access positive states more often, set and achieve goals and build healthier relationships with friends and family. During this NLP course, the trainer will answer your questions about using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques in your specific contexts.


This introductory, twelve hour NLP course covers the following topics:

Topic One: Defining what you want

  • Find out what NLP is and how it developed.
  • Define key terms and principles of NLP.
  • Use the Present to Desired State model to set goals.
  • Check that your goals are fully congruent by using Well Formed Outcomes.

Topic Two: Installing a compulsion to succeed

  • Explore how you construct internal representations of your goals.
  • Create a full sensory description of your desired state using Representational Systems.
  • Program your mind for success by applying Future Pacing techniques.

Topic Three: Accessing resourceful states

  • Map the relationship between internal states and behaviours.
  • Use the submodalities of representation to distinguish between resourceful and unresourceful states.
  • Access and anchor a resource state.

Topic Four: Developing perceptual flexibility

  • Learn how to shift into resourceful patterns of thought.
  • Adjust your submodalities of representation.
  • Use critical submodalities to enhance resourceful states and move out of unresourceful states.

Topic Five: Modelling success strategies

  • Access the strategies for excellence which have been modeled by NLP practitioners.
  • Discuss the modeling process.
  • Apply a range of models which match the group’s interests (e.g. the Motivation Model, Creativity Strategy, Charisma Pattern, Health Eating Strategy).
  • Install new behaviours using the new behaviour generator.

Topic Six: Coding a timeline for success

  • Discover how the way you code time can influence your success in achieving goals.
  • Elicit your timeline.

Who teaches this course?

Eleanor Shakiba is a leading NLP trainer, based in Sydney. She has taught over 48,000 people – like you- to use breakthrough thinking and communication tools. She has written over ninety training courses and produced 12 audio programs to help you excel at work. She is accredited to train in NLP by the International NLP Trainers' Association (INLPTA).

Eleanor is also qualified in Social Anthropology, Adult Education, Applied Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mediation. She writes and teaches in the areas of applied psychology, communication and conflict resolution. Her passion is helping professionals learn skills for success in the real world.

Intended Audience

This NLP course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to generate greater success within their profession using NLP. Participants will get the most from this course if they are:

  • Willing to contribute to group discussions.
  • Confident communicating verbally in English.
  • Comfortable participating in role play style activities.

Delivery Style

This is an interactive course. It covers the why, what and how of using NLP to change your thinking habits. You’ll learn through a variety of methods including:

  • Small group discussions.
  • Role plays or simulations.
  • Written exercises in which you will apply key concepts.
  • Question and answer sessions with the trainer.


  • Expert trainers
  • Central locations
  • Small class sizes
  • Free, expert advice
  • Student materials – yours to keep
  • Certificate of completion

What others say.

  • Everyone should do NLP! Will come back to do more courses in this area!

  • This was an excellent introduction to NLP. The lecturer made it easy to understand and gave very practical examples.

  • Great tutor – really made the concepts clear and understandable and was encouraging and responsive to the needs of the group.

  • Very impressed with content and delivery of the course and materials.