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Adobe XD Course: Introduction

Adobe XD. Design, prototype and share.

Learn Adobe XD the smart way with Adobe XD courses at CCE, the University of Sydney.

XD (Experience Design) is the go-to user experience design software application used to create prototypes for mobile apps and websites.

This one-day Adobe XD introductory training course is designed to give you comprehensive knowledge of Adobe XD and the confidence to create prototyping wire frames for more effective user testing. No prior experience using the software is required before attending.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • recognise the fundamental aspects of Adobe XD
  • create and use Artboards
  • work with UI and wireframe kits
  • create and use Masks
  • work with Point and Are type
  • create and edit Vector Shapes
  • use the repeat grid function
  • create and work with Symbols
  • export Assets
  • use comments to get feedback.


This course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Adobe Experience Design (XD)

  • Overview of User Experience Design (UX) vs User Interface Design (UI)
  • Understanding common file formats
  • Working with the Design and Prototype views
  • Navigating around the user interface

Setting up a Project

  • Designing Artboard grids
  • Adding and deleting Artboards
  • Creating additional screens for different display sizes and platforms

Creating graphics in Adobe Experience Design

  • Drawing and combining simple shapes
  • Setting Appearance attributes
  • Solid fills, gradient fills, strokes, drop-shadows & background Blurs
  • Controlling corner radius values
  • Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Editing points and paths

Adding Text to your Design

  • Formatting Text
  • Using Typekit fonts
  • Adding Placeholder text

Adding assets from other sources

  • Adding Images
  • Using Illustrator vector graphics
  • Importing bitmap graphics
  • Masking techniques
  • Using images from modern browsers

Creating accurate layouts

  • Aligning and arranging Objects
  • Creating a Repeat Grid

UI kits

  • Exploring Apple, Google and Microsoft user interface kits

Adding Interactivity

  • Linking and unlinking artboards
  • Setting screen transitions
  • Adding interactions to elements

Testing your Project

  • Previewing a prototype
  • Recording the user experience as a .mov file

Sharing your Project

  • Sharing your prototype
  • Exporting artboards as .png .svg and .pdf files

Designing your own Project

  • Creating your own project
  • Adding graphics and text

Prototype your own Project

  • Testing and sharing your project
  • Exporting your project

Questions and answers

Intended Audience

This introductory training course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of Adobe XD. It is designed to give participants the confidence to start creating and prototyping user experiences for mobile apps and websites. No prior knowledge of the software is required.

This course may particularly benefit UX and UI professionals, as well as those in marketing and communications who want to have a hands on role in mobile app development, or those wanting to get a job in User Experience Design (UX).

Delivery Style

This course is presented as practical, instructor-led computer-based training. You will have dedicated access to a computer so you can follow instructor training and work through in-class activities.

Additional Information

Prior to attending this course, you should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse.

Please come to class with an existing username and password to access your own Adobe XD account. You can visit the Adobe website to set up an account.

Also bring a USB flash drive to class if you would like to make a copy of your work or any relevant class materials. Alternatively, you can save these to a cloud storage space or email them to your personal email address.


  • $50 repeat class - Conditions apply
  • Expert trainer
  • Dedicated computer for every student
  • Small class size
  • Student notes – yours to keep
  • Statement of completion
Adobe XD Course: Introduction

<p>{block name:“Course Tagline - Adobe XD”}</p><p>XD (Experience Design) is the go-to user experience design software application used to create prototypes for mobile apps and websites.</p><p>This