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Study for Success Course: Strategies for Improving Learning

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Study Skills courses in Sydney. Open to everyone.

Study the smart way the smart way with Study Skills courses in Sydney at the University of Sydney community college.

This course is designed specifically for students preparing for University study, including students of the Diploma of Tertiary Preparation, and provides an introduction to those critical skills required to learn more effectively and enhance performance in assessment activities. It complements and improves learning in each chosen area of study. This study skills course is run over three sessions in three-hour blocks. Each session begins with a lecture and then smaller breakout tutorials where students work with tutors to practise and apply the strategies and techniques learnt during the lecture.

Course content

This study skills course covers the following topics:


  • Motivation and self-direction
  • Learning styles
  • Planning, organising and managing time
  • Critical thinking

Lectures and tutorials

  • Pre-lecture and tutorial preparation
  • Techniques for listening and note-making
  • Techniques for post-lecture summarising and evaluation
  • Asking effective questions

Working with information

  • Inquiry/research process
  • Selecting, processing and presenting information
  • Resources available to UPC students
  • Academic writing: planning, composing, revising and recursion
  • Referencing


  • Preparation: selecting and organising information, memorisation
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Answering exam questions: interpreting questions, planning, composing and reviewing answers

Course suitable for

This Study for Success course is suitable for those who have enrolled into a university preparation course as well as recent high school graduates and first year university students.

Course outcomes

At the end of this study skills course, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply strategies for enhancing and maintaining motivation
  2. Personally direct learning through effective management of the self and the resources in the learning environment
  3. Apply strategies to manage time and organise resources effectively
  4. Think critically and without bias when analysing, interpreting and processing information
  5. Prepare effectively for lectures and tutorials
  6. Listen more effectively during lectures and tutorials
  7. Make useful and relevant notes during lectures and tutorials
  8. Summarise and synthesise information recorded during lectures and tutorials
  9. Formulate and ask effective questions which close gaps in personal knowledge
  10. Formulate a research question
  11. Define, locate, select, organise, present and evaluate information for use in research
  12. Identify, select and use resources available
  13. Plan, compose and revise submissions for essays and assignments
  14. Apply strategies for paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism
  15. Use a standard referencing system to acknowledge sources of information
  16. Select, organise and memorise information for use during examinations
  17. Apply strategies for reducing anxiety
  18. Interpret examination questions and plan, compose and review effective answers.